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17th August 2017

The Latest Veil Trends You Probable Haven’t Heard About

Long Juliet caps, embossed applique and all-lace veils are all having a moment.

All that lace

Recently, mantilla veils – which are Spanish in origin – have been taking the form of a plain, long veil adorned with a scalloped lace edge. If you want to go the traditional route though, opt for an all-lace veil, which could work magnificently with a plain and simple dress.

Oh Juliet

The Juliet cap epitomises romantic bridal wear, traditionally worn as a small mesh cap decorated with beads or jewels. Nowadays, Juliet caps are worn long and short – Kate Moss wore it for her wedding to Jamie Hince, and needless to say she rocked it (the cap, not the marriage, which sadly didn't last long).

Floating beads

Sporadic beading on a light, tulle veil offers the illusion of floating beads all around you. Opt for delicate beads the likes of small pearls or discreet diamante that will look ethereal and beyond ordinary.

Say it with applique

If lace isn’t quite your thing but fancy an ornate veil, applique is also striking. Floral embellishments, butterfly applique or decorative motifs can turn a plain veil into something of a masterpiece in its own right.

A dramatic headpiece

Flower crowns and floral headpieces are having a moment, but a statement headpiece like a regal crown can achieve a dramatic look in a way that few other head ornaments can. It needn’t be oversized – just the right amount of glamour and drama will do the trick.

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