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31st August 2018

10 after-party food items you must get your caterer to make!

Midnight munchies much?

1. Croque Madam toast

This French speciality tastes great morning, noon and midnight. Make sure it’s made with thick slices of crunchy bread, lashings of gammon or ham and a dollop of egg – it’s so hearty it will keep you going well into the morning.

2. Hotdogs

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How do you like yours? With mustard and onions? Or with slurps of ketchup? Whatever way you guzzle down your hotdog, make sure you have a variety of condiments to hand so everyone can have a little bit of fun personalizing their own.

3. Fancy Satay

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Smoky chicken will go down a treat as you step off the dancefloor for a breather. Ask for satay, made up of turmeric, lemongrass, and cumin, and watch that meat on a stick get picked up time and time again.

4. Hearty pizza

A must-have at any after-party, pizza sustains you with the right blend of carb and veg (hey, we’ve got to have some excuse!). Steer clear of the usual toppings, however, and go for some experimentation. Spinach, egg and bacon, for example, could even replace your breakfast needs!

5. Tacos!

Go Mexican in Malta with Taco shells jampacked with an array of fresh ingredients. You can have them served filled to the brim, or else encourage lots of participation by getting everyone to fill their own with their favourite grub!

6. Mini-pies

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Whether savoury or sweet, mini-pies are bound to be a hit when the clock strikes midnight and your feet are feeling a tad too weary. Ask to have them made small, pop one in your mouth and – viola – sustenance in a moment.

7. Popsicles

And all that moving around is bound to knock you for six, especially in the torrid heat of summer, so what better way to cool down on the go than with a popsicle? The grand thing about these beauties is that they come in every – and any – flavour, so you don’t need to stop at just one!

8. Crème Brûlée cinnamon rolls

On the slightly heavier side, crème brûlée cinnamon rolls are definitely not for diet days (but, hey, it’s your wedding – you and your guests are allowed to let loose!). But, they are oh-so-scrumptious and smell like a sophisticated version of your childhood, that it’s hard to resist taking one.

9. Doughnuts!

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Mini-doughnuts are all the rage for after-wedding parties, but if you’re after something a bit more substantial, there’s nothing to say you cannot have the full-sized version. Get a variety so there’ll be something for everyone!

10. Cookies and cream

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Now, who doesn’t LOVE cookies and cream! Crumbly biscuit which just melts in your mouth, coupled with a rich-textured dash of flavour? Bring it on! And then bring another. And another…

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