4th March 2018

10 Creative Ways to Use Wreaths at your Wedding

It’s a circle of love baby!

Floral wreaths are all the rage this spring – and with the warmer weather on the way, what better way to celebrate your big day than with a bucolic return to nature in the twenty-first century? Here are some innovative ways you can crown your day.

1. On your table setting

Brighten up your table, and add life to your table setting, with this nature-inspired layout. It injects oomph and colour, without overwhelming the design.

2. Just hangin’

You don’t have to chose one uniform size and you can up the ante by coordinating a series of them to draw attention to a feature in your wedding venue.

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3. Foliage, foliage, foliage

Boho chic ain’t going away! This dramatic backdrop is the cherry on the cake for any offbeat bride.

4. To draw attention to the cake table

And you thought you were the star of the show! Everyone knows guests come to your wedding to see what the cake is wearing…

5. In your hair

Jump on the bandwagon lock, stock and…er…hair! These floral wreaths will have you looking like beautiful flower fairies.

6. With a lot of sparkle

The ‘80s can come back…if you want them to!

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7. To make a statement

Pledge your commitment to the cause with a floral wreath promoting world peace – we sure need a little bit of it right now.

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8. Gigantic background wreaths

Oh so romantic and totally dramatic, use large background wreaths to symbolise the never-ending love you have for each other.

9. A themed wreath

Inject some pizzazz into your celebration with a themed wreath. You can go for something which ties in with the time of year, add some personality with a quirky accessory, or tie it in with your wedding theme, such as this dried flower wreath.

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10. And as a little bonus…

Cat not optional.

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