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15th July 2018

10 essential beauty products for your honeymoon

Make sure you look your best on your honeymoon with just a handful of can’t-do-without-‘em products.


If you only pack one beauty item with you for the entire holiday, PLEASE let it be sunscreen! Protecting your skin from the sun is essential, and even if you’re not going somewhere that’s super-sunny and tropical, you’ll probably be out and about all day – so slather it on.


Being in holiday mode is no reason to neglect your skin routine. After a day of activities, make sure you cleanse your face really well…

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…and follow it up with a toner to remove any lingering impurities.

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Then, give your skin some much-needed hydration with a moisturiser. Every skin type is different, and every holiday is different, so make sure you pack one that suits your skin type, as well as the climate of the holiday you’ll be on.

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Facial wipes

But sometimes, you just don’t have time for an intensive routine, so make sure you bring along a packet of facial wipes with you.

Dry shampoo

Who wants to faff around with their hair when they’re busy having fun on holiday? Nobody, that’s who, but we still want to look good, and dry shampoo will give you the best of both worlds – making sure your greasy roots look fresh and bouncy enough to survive another day.

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BB cream

BB cream is great for when you want the coverage of a foundation without the heaviness associated with it. Many BB creams also act as moisturisers and have bonus SPF protection, which is great for your skin.


Look for one that’s waterproof, so you can swim or go on long, sweaty hikes without the risk of unglamorous panda eyes.


One or two (for day and night) will do, but you can just pack your favourite shade, and pick up another colour while you’re there.


You’ll have a natural, healthy, loved-up glow even without it, but a boost from your trusty make-up kit never hurts!

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