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8th August 2017

10 Pairs of Cufflinks to Suit Every Groom

From Gamers and Star Wars fans to photographers and lovers of the sea, we’ve got you covered.

Get Personal

You can never go wrong with a customised set of cufflinks – engrave the date of your wedding and you and your partner’s initials for a lifelong memento of your special day.

For the seafarer

Whether you’re passionate about the sea or having a beach-themed wedding, these world map cufflinks are a perfect pick.

For the Gamer

What’s not to love about these videogame controller cufflinks? They’re alternative and fun, and will make for a spot-on gift for a gamer groom’s party.

For the Star Wars fan

There are plenty of Darth Vader cufflink options out there, but this cool, mismatched set will give every Star Wars fan a bit of an edge.

A bespoke monogram

Lots of online sellers like Etsy offer services to personalise monogram cufflinks, which are a great choice for a sentimental groom who’ll be thinking about his leading lady while getting ready.

For the comics enthusiast

From Superman and Batman designs to Captain America and Iron Man, there’s a cufflink for every superhero character you love. Why not rope in your groomsmen too for a bit of fun?

Fly with me

Does your profession revolve around planes, or you simply love to travel? These airplane cufflinks are smart, sleek and also quite different. It’s a win-win.

Artfully accurate

Mathematicians, designers, architects, carpenters or enthusiasts of mathematical instruments will love this protractor and set square pair of cufflinks. They’re equally intricate and intriguing.

Camera ready

These camera cufflinks hark back to old school photography, and are spot on for professional photographers with a keen eye for detail.

Plainly perfect

If you’re a fuss-free kind of groom and looking for a pair of cufflinks you can use again, then a plain pair is what you’re after. You’ll certainly get your wear out of them, and they’ll look smooth no matter what.

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