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2nd June 2018

10 toppers which could be perfect for your wedding cake

The décor that sits atop your cake should be as personalised as the rest of your wedding.

1. Calling all travellers

Perfect for the couple that loves to travel, there’s nothing not to love about this adorable cake topper. And don’t even get us started about that gorgeous map-inspired wedding cake!

2. Decorate with Bunting

Perfect for the craftsy couple or for a picnic-themed wedding, this bunting cake topper is fun and informal yet so eye-catching.

3. Creative lettering

An initials cake topper is a timeless choice which you simply cannot go wrong with, and you can mix things up a little with a colour or material which is a little less common, such as wood or wire painted in a colour of your choice.

4. Elegant and classic

What better way to celebrate your transition from Miss to Mrs than with a beautiful cake topper for all your guests to see?

5. Flamingo love

Getting hitched abroad or planning an exotic, summer-themed wedding? We cannot think of a better cake topper than this pair of loved-up flamingos!

6. Say it with script

Customise your own wedding cake topper with charming script lettering in a message of your choosing that reflects your love as a couple. Whatever you do though, keep it classy.

7. Raw and rustic

Raw wood, charming florals and an overall rustic vibe make this topper, and obviously this cake, as charming as can be, no matter the season.

8. Greenery galore

If your wedding is being held in a garden, is boho-inspired or you simply love the idea of lush greenery featuring in all aspects of your wedding, a wreath cake topper is a great choice.

9. For the animal lovers

Pick your favourite animals and custom order a topper that reflects your shared love for cats, dogs, wildlife or hey, even otters.

10. Classic Characters

From Marvel superheroes to your favourite movie characters, your wedding cake topper could be the perfect opportunity to geek out. Also, we think we may have found the perfect one for all the Star Wars fans out there.

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