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22nd February 2019

10 ways to style a wedding on the beach in Malta

Get in tune with your surroundings!

1. Feature light materials for your ceremony

While many couples in Malta opt to have a church wedding, you might want to step away from the crowd and say your ‘I do’s’ on the sand, at sunset. Style your ceremony using linens and fresh tones in which to drape your gazebo, and use seating which is casual, but comfortable, to tie in with the location and create memorable moments.

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2. Make Mother Nature a star during the reception

The pure, natural surroundings of a beach wedding lend themselves to a more bucolic tone to your reception. Use plenty of foliage – and don’t worry about going overboard in order to tie in with the earth-conscious perspective of that beachside spot.

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3. Keep silhouettes simple

A large ball gown skirt will definitely feel awkward to move around in on the sand, so avoid wedding dresses which have a large surface area and feel heavy on your body. Go for lighter chiffon, tulle or beaded silk to feel comfortable all day, running around by the sea.

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4. Ask for a looser hairstyle

And a breezier location requires a different overall look, such as a more unstructured bun, or looser waves to mirror the more casual feel of a beach wedding. You might also want to ask your make-up artist to forego the heavy, black lids in favour of lighter colours which make the most of your complexion.

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5. Opt for subtle tones when choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses

This comes with a caveat, however: understand the light quality of the season during which you’re getting hitched. A summer sun is better able to handle bolder tones than the soft shades of spring or autumn.

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6. Go hip with the seating plan

Add a little Point Break style to your ‘I do’s’ with a seating plan which echoes the intoxicating joy of your relationship to the sea. Whether you love to dive, windsurf or simply lay down on the sand with a mojito in hand, get your seating plan styled to mirror your love for the water.

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7. Avoid an all-blue theme

When you think of a beach wedding, your mind probably races to images of shells, blue bridesmaid dresses and other themed details, which may fit well within the locale, but which may get a bit tired. Indeed, there are other – less obvious – ways to mirror your celebration’s ties with nature, through natural materials for your linens and ethereal notes in your décor.

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8. Style your seafood

Your wedding style is intimately tied to the food you serve up, and what better way to appreciate the bounty of the waters than to serve fish and seafood, displayed to echo life in the Mediterranean? And, if you really want to splash out, BBQed oysters (or, grilled, topped with parmesan) will truly elevate your spread.

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9. Add vivid flourishes on your invites

Try to steer clear of bright marine invites with the sea as a backdrop, since that is a bit old hat in 2019. Instead, bring your wedding to the shore and into the 21st century with metallic embellishments which scream class.

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10. Consider having a more intimate affair

The number of people you invite will have an impact on the style of your wedding. Smaller weddings give you a lot of leeway when it comes to the choice of layout, materials and décor. And, having less people at your celebration will allow you the time to appreciate your nearest and dearest!

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