6th January 2018

10 wedding trends for 2018 you should try according to Pinterest

Pinterest is predicting some amazing trends for 2018, from food and manicures to guest books and décor. 

Are you guilty of having a wedding Pinterest board before even getting engaged? We totally get why. Pinterest is the go-to resource for a dose of inspiration on absolutely anything, and of course, there’ll be no better time to make full use of it than when planning your very own wedding. Last December, the image sharing site released Pinterest 100 – The top trends to try in 2018 based on the most popular searches in 2017 – here are some of their top pins which you can apply to your wedding.

Statement shoes

Embellished shoes have surged in popularity, featuring eye-catching adornments the likes of pearls, bold buckles, bows and studs.

Boutique balloons

We’re not talking about the ordinary, party balloons, but rather ones filled with glitter, foliage and even super-sized balloons that act as statement décor in their own right.

Graphic manicures

‘Geometric manicures’ are getting a lot of love, and can be an understated way of showing personality and individuality on your wedding day.

Non-alcoholic cocktails

It’s not as boring as it sounds. There’s plenty of alcohol to go around at weddings, and sometimes, a refreshing and revitalising drink made with flavourful ingredients could be all you need to restore some balance among all the booze.

Squad tees

Matching tops, robes, shirts or slippers for the bridal party are a fun way of getting everyone into a celebratory spirit, both for the bachelorette do as well as on the wedding day itself.

Vegan indulgence

The search for awesome desserts without the use of animal products has shot up, and there’s nothing stopping you from discussing the use of coconut oil and flax seed instead of butter and eggs with your wedding caterer.

Bespoke jewellery

DIY enthusiasts are turning their talents to handmade jewellery, signage and displays for an individual look and feel at the fraction of a store-bought price.

DIY food

DIY doesn’t stop at wedding décor or accessories – couples are also implementing assemble-your-own food stations into their wedding catering complement through taco bars, waffle bars and hot cocoa stations.

Elevated guest books

Why opt for a standard book when you could have a puzzle, wall art or jenga blocks instead? ‘Guest book keepsake’ was incredibly popular last year, serving its intended purpose as well as décor for your home.

Extraordinary honeymoons

People are searching for the newest hot spots to travel to which could help you pick your honeymoon destination/s, among them desert escapes, authentic local experiences, Mediterranean islands, and river cruises.

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