2nd May 2018

11 Stunning Ways to use Eucalyptus for your Wedding

Eucalyptus is proving to be the foliage of the moment – and with fabulous effects too.

When colour experts Pantone named Greenery their colour of the year in 2017, a lot changed in the world of weddings. Suddenly, greenery was no longer the filler (and second-best) option for wedding flowers, but rather started being used as a main attraction in floral arrangements, starting from the bride’s bouquet all the way down to floral arrangements on the cake.

Among the many lovely varieties of foliage that proved their worth is eucalyptus, an incredibly versatile choice with comes in an even more incredible variety of shapes and sizes, from the seeded, silver dollar and baby blue eucalyptus kinds to plenty more sub-species which fit right in for wedding arrangements. Here are different ways to incorporate this glorious greenery into your big day.

1. Foliage over roses

Use dried eucalyptus leaves over rose petals for the post-ceremony exit toss or for the flower girl to decorate the aisle with before the bride’s grand entrance.

2. Bridal bouquet

The moody greens of the eucalyptus paired with white and other stunning shades prove that you simply cannot go wrong.

3. Just greenery

And even when used alone, eucalyptus greenery is utterly sensational.

4. Bucolic boutonniere

The absence of a flower (except for the groom, of course) doesn’t diminish from the vibrant and versatile appearance of the men’s buttonholes.

5. Hair goals

There’s something about fresh flowers in a bride’s hair that combs, tiaras and crowns (beautiful as they are in their own right!) cannot imitate, and eucalyptus highlights that effect perfectly.

6. Warm welcome

It also works beautifully to adorn a welcome stand that will greet guests upon their arrival at your reception.

7. Table runner

Use a long, foliage-filled arrangement as a table runner for a seated wedding using this versatile verdure as the main attraction.

8. Get Creative

Think outside the box and use lovely lengths of eucalyptus to tie the linens of your bistro tables rather than regular bows and ribbons.

9. On-point décor

Wreaths are a hugely popular choice as wedding décor right now, and this eucalyptus wreath accompanied by gentle white roses is as simple as it is beautiful.

10. Statement stationery

If you’re keen to incorporate eucalyptus into your wedding as a theme in and of itself, then why not add a touch of it to your wedding invites too? The look is fresh, modern and wonderfully floral.

11. An eye-catching confection

Sometimes, it takes simplicity rather than fuss to catch to eye, and this is a perfect example.

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