6th October 2018

4 ways to deliver invites to your wedding guests

There are ways to save you time and money

Picking your wedding invitation design and placing the order is just the first stage in the invitation process. Next comes the assembling of each envelope, addressing them accordingly, and sending them off to their intended recipient. What are the options, you ask? Read on.

1. Hand-delivered

This is especially fitting for family members and close friends, who might actually take offence if your wedding invitation is not delivered to them in person. It’s also a cost-efficient way of doing things, and gives the whole process a personal touch. It would make sense to hand-deliver invitations to your colleagues too, since you see them on a day-to-day basis.

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2. Mailing

The most common and efficient way of sending out the bulk of your wedding invitations is by mail. Typically, couples take the invitations to their local post office, have the entire batch of invites weighed, are stamped accordingly and off they go. It’s an easy method for the busy bride!

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3. E-invites

Although this hasn’t fully caught on locally, the bride and groom could choose to send their invites online through their very own wedding website. Guests could RSVP online or by email, making it quick, efficient, and also a paperless option.

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4. Door-to-door

This is only a viable option if you’re having a small wedding, or if your parents have loads of time on their hands. Primarily a Mediterranean tradition, it’s not uncommon for the bride’s parents to hand-deliver the wedding invitations to guests, especially family members and close friends of the bride and groom. And for couples getting married on an island the size of Malta’s, it might not be such an impossible task after all.

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