17th December 2017

5 Invitation Ideas Your Guests Won’t Expect

Everyone enjoys a surprise, more so when it’s in the form of a wedding invitation that arrives in the mail. Here are 5 unusual ideas you may want to explore for your own wedding invitations.

Bespoke illustrations

We can’t imagine an invitation more personal than one featuring a custom portrait of the couple in a non-kitsch style that truly reflects their individuality as a couple. Whether it’s a true-to-life representation or a twist using a fun and quirky style, a bespoke illustration is both cool and cost-effective.

Laser-cut wood

While hosting a wedding in the woodlands isn’t really an option if you’re tying the knot in Malta, it doesn’t mean that a rustic-themed wedding is off the cards. And what better way to apply the theme for your wedding invites than with a wooden laser-cut invitation wrapped in a grainy burlap fabric?

Fold-out design

There’s a fine line between casual and sophisticated, and this is a perfect example of that balance. Neatly folded into an accordion, the contents of the invitation reveals the couple’s wedding date, pre-wedding party plans and an RSVP page in a mindful sequence that reveals itself as you open the invitation, only made better by way of its cute and quirky illustrations.

Vintage handkerchiefs

Perfect for couples opting for a vintage wedding theme, hankies used as wedding invitations make for a wonderful keepsake once your big day is over. Whether to be used as save the dates or as wedding invites, you can print all the essential info you need onto the handkerchief or, better still – and budget permitting – have them hand-embroidered in different colours, making each one personal to the person receiving it.

Pull out the perspex

Perspex was a major trend in 2017. From transparent tents and glasshouses, to Perspex seating plans, and clear wedding invitations, it’s the perfect trend for minimalist couples. Printing on a transparency is also possible – just be sure to use a colour which shows up on the material, and in a font which isn’t impossible for people to read.

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