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27th August 2017

5 Memorable Gifts to Give Your Wedding Guests

It might be time to move away from perlini and crystal figurines.

Wedding souvenirs cannot appeal to everyone – some guests might find your choice of souvenir immensely useful, while others might discard it before they’ve even left your wedding. And that’s perfectly normal – how can you expect women and men of different ages to ALL like the same thing? That said, there’s no harm with putting a little extra effort into you wedding souvenirs, which are all your guests will have to remember about your wedding day (besides a few drunk photos), after it wraps. Here are some suggestions.

Travel in style

It’s one of those accessories that you rarely consider buying for yourself, so guests are bound to find it useful for their next travel adventure. Opt for a luxurious leather luggage tag in a range of colours and, if your budget permits, imprint your names and the date of your wedding on each one so that your guests will think of you while they’re sipping some cocktail on a remote beach half way across the world.

Beat the hangover

This kind of wedding souvenir might be more appropriate for a younger crowd, although there will probably be a few drunk uncles and elderly family members who’ll secretly admit to finding it useful. Opt for a tongue-in-cheek tag or classy packaging to accompany each kit, which must include paracetamol, chewing gum, a vitamin booster and anti-wrinkle patches to conceal those under-eye bags.

Feed the birds

As it goes, couples are increasingly moving towards eco-friendly wedding favours in line with the rise of green weddings. And this wedding favour is as green as it gets. It’s not a granola bar for humans, but rather a block of bird food which you can hang from a tree branch in your garden, and watch the birds flock around it and fill your garden with joy.

Aroma therapy

After a day-long party, your guests will be more than thrilled to indulge in some ‘me time’. Encourage them to do so with a handmade slice of soap or an aromatic bath bomb. Rather than ordering them online, shop local at one of a handful of artisanal soap makers, such as Soap Café in Sliema.

Unforgettable crockery

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Personalised crockery as wedding favours might be costly if you’re planning a large wedding, but hey it really does depend on your budget. Budgets aside, we can’t think of a better way to make a lasting impression than by giving guests something they’ll NEVER need to throw away. Spread love people!

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