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20th December 2017

5 Places Online to Register for Amazing Wedding Gifts

Let us help you with the Big List for the Big Day! If you have guests coming from abroad, why not set up an online wedding list to help them give you everything you need. And the best thing is you can choose from more than one site. 


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From household appliances, to bedding and even books – list anything, and everything, you need and want with the endless choices available on Amazon. You can change and update the list whenever you want, and your guests can purchase the items from London, Rome or Timbuktu! Items are delivered to your door – as per the site’s standard shipping terms and conditions – but be careful of any third-party products which might not be available for local delivery.


All the British brands you know and love under one roof – that’s what it promises anyway. And, for the most part, John Lewis, does deliver. And to Malta too! List items as diverse as plush towels, a swimming costume for your honeymoon or even a pair of shoes: this is a great option for those who may have everything they already need for the home. You will have to book your delivery date and shipping to Malta does come at an additional charge, which doesn’t add up to too much when they deliver in bulk.


Specialising specifically in gift lists, this site, which will also soon be changing its name to The Wedding Present Co., allows you to log any standard registry item, such as bedding, kitchen accessories or, even, outdoor accessories, but it also lets you set up a wedding fund for any art work, furniture or wine you might want to purchase. And, you can use it to save for your honeymoon trip too!


Another award-winner, this platform hosts over 350 brands but what makes it special is the ability for your guests to contribute to international charities: WWF, Greenpeace, Cancer Research UK and Médecins Sans Frontières are all listed (though we would also recommend donations to local charities as well!).


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Not a wedding gift list in the traditional sense, Honeyfund allows guests to contribute to your trip abroad. The difference from simply popping some euros into an envelope? You know you will have to spend them on the trip and you won’t use the money buying other boring (though more practical) items. And there’s no fiddling with cash boxes on the day: payments can be made via Paypal or Wepay directly into your accounts.

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