2nd July 2018

5 Things to know before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Thinking about giving your lashes a bit of a boost before the wedding? Read on.

1. The process is like a spa for your eyeballs

You may be a bit apprehensive about the process of getting eyelash extensions but the truth is it’s the perfect excuse for a nap. You lie down in a bed and close your eyes for an hour and a half, and in the meantime, the eyelash pro will be busy attaching tiny silky fake lashes to your face. You wake up looking like a Disney princess. What’s not to like?

2. You can customise them like crazy

Not everyone wants the same thing out of their eyelash extensions. Some people want to look like themselves, but a little better. Other people just want the full Kardashian experience. You’ll be able to pick the length, the curl, and even the material that the eyelashes are made of.

3. You need to take care of them if you want them to last

Besides your new look, you’ll receive a set of rules and tools – including keeping them bone-dry for the first 24 hours and daily combing with a clean spoolie. When taking your eye makeup off, we recommend make-up wipes (the drier you keep them, the better). Be very gentle – and they’ll still fall out.

4. They won’t ruin your natural lashes – as long as you don’t do anything stupid

Do NOT try pulling out the extensions yourself. It’s ridiculously painful and it’ll tear out your natural eyelashes along with the extensions – not a great look. If you want them off, go back to the beautician – or let nature take its course. They’ll fall out on their own eventually.

5. They are addictive

Once you get used to your Bambi-eyed look, readjusting to your natural lashes will be HARD. The extensions are supposed to last three to four weeks – if you find that you can’t bear to go back to short lashes, you can always keep getting them filled in.

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