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19th August 2017

5 Things Worth Splurging On For Your Wedding Reception 

When you’re sorting out the budget for your wedding, you’ll sometimes wonder where you can skimp and where you should save. Here are five areas where it’s definitely worth spending a bit more.


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You have two options – you can either hire a wedding planner who will be with you every step of the way, or you can get a month-of or day-of wedding coordinator to make sure everything goes as planned. Of course you can skip both, but do yourself a favour and opt for one of them. They’ll accompany you to most of your appointments, find you great deals with vendors and suppliers and coordinate your wedding rehearsal and ceremony down to the last minute. It’ll really help you relax and enjoy your big day instead of obsessing over every small detail – leave that up to them!


Lighting can make or break your event, so we definitely consider it a worthwhile investment. It transforms the space, creating ambiance, drama and fun. When everything and everyone looks and feels great, you are setting the stage for guests to have a fabulous time and encouraging them to stick around and enjoy the party. Plus it ensures that you’ll have lots of lovely, well-lit photos to treasure later on!


Cutting corners on photography is rarely ever a good idea. After the whole celebration is done and all your guests have gone home for the night, memories captured in photos and videos will be all that remain. There are so many little details and moments that happen at your wedding, and you want to capture them all – if you can afford not just one good photographer, but two, you should go for it.


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Everyone remembers how good (or bad) the food at a wedding was, so invest your money where your guests will spend the most amount of time. Instead of spending more money on souvenirs that will be quickly forgotten, offer your guests the most delicious and beautifully-presented canapes and best cuts of meat you can afford, desserts to die for, high-quality wines and spirits and plenty of refreshing cocktails.


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Mediocre music will kill the flow of the party, while a great band and wedding DJ can turn a good wedding party into an amazing one, where people keep dancing until the very last minute. Spend as much as you can afford on having a band or group you really like play at your wedding – apart from livening up the party, that first dance has to be perfect.

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