9th February 2019

5 tips for rocking a bold lip on your wedding day

Bold and beautiful is the new nude

Who said brides can’t rock a bold lip on their wedding day? Nobody, that’s who! BUT, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind if you’re convinced this is the look for you. Here are some handy tips to take heed of if you’re considering a bold lip to make sure your wedding make-up is absolutely flawless.

1. Skin tones

Pick a colour that will complement and accentuate your skin tone. If you’re darker skinned, consider bold reds and burgundies, while deep pinks and light reds are a perfect match if you’re a bit on the paler side of the skin spectrum.

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2. Symmetry

Make sure your lipstick is symmetrical at all times. With a bold lip, lines that aren’t super crisp, or even worse, bleeding lipstick, can be spotted from a mile away!

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3. Moisturise!

An important pre-make-up routine, no matter the occasion, is moisturising your lips. This will ensure that your lip colour will last as long as possible, and there will be no unsightly cracks appearing from under the lipstick. So, pucker up!

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4. Find a middle ground

If you’re really into dark lips but you’re not sure you can commit to it for your wedding day, certain shades of red, pink and orange could be the right choice for you. They’re still warm, bold and elegant colours, but a little more pared back.

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5. Liquid lipsticks

You can opt for a lip stain rather than a stick, especially if you can’t draw a line to save your life (and you won’t have a make-up artist at hand to touch you up)! Focus on the inner area of the lips and gradually work the colour towards the edge. You can even add a slick of gloss for some extra shine.

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