14th March 2019

5 tips to help you stay present and grounded on your wedding day

There’s no better day to ‘live in the moment’

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll forget about the details you spent months poring over once your wedding day actually comes around. Knowing that all there’s left for you to do now is get married and enjoy yourself, you want to make sure that you soak in the day as best you can, without getting lost in the rush.

Here are 5 ways to keep yourself grounded throughout your wedding day.

1. Start your day as you normally would

You might be woken up by the voice inside your head screaming ‘I’m getting married today!’, but there’s nothing more derailing than an upheaval of your normal morning routine. If you’re having a morning wedding, everything might need to start a little earlier than usual, but still take your coffee and cereal, do your usual skincare routine, and whatever else you usually do on a standard morning before hair and make-up begins.

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2. Carve out moments of reflection

Whether while getting ready with your bridal party or during the wedding reception itself, take the time to reflect, reminisce and talk about moments, experiences and things that make you smile, which will heighten the emotional importance of the day while keeping you engaged and in touch with those you love.

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3. Spend time alone with your partner

Particularly for big weddings but not just, making time to get away from greeting guests to soak it all in, alone, with your partner could seem close to impossible. Advise your maid of honour and best man – so that they know you haven’t jumped ship – and carve out short 10-minute breaks throughout the wedding for you to absorb and celebrate the fact that you’ve just tied the knot.

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4. Eat & drink

One of the things couples always say they regret from their wedding day is not having ate any of the food that they so carefully selected (and probably paid through their nose for). If you don’t eat, drink and be merry during the most lavish and expensive party of your life, then when? Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated – drink water after every glass of alcohol to make sure you last the day and night.

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5. Pause and breathe

You know that feeling you get when you observe something beautiful happen before your eyes from a distance, leaving an image in your mind that can’t ever be forgotten? Try create a moment like this on your wedding day, when you can take a step back from talking, thanking, eating and just doing anything at all, and take a mental snapshot of your wedding day from a distance, watching people have a great time, knowing that they’re there to celebrate you and your new lifetime partner.

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