7th October 2018

6 beauty tips you should know about to usher in the start of autumn

After a long and hot summer, there’s no better time to prepare ourselves for the cooler season

1. Brunettes and Redheads

It’s time to ditch light and bright colours in favour of a toned down, darker hue – think rich browns and shades of red. Blondes aren’t the only ones who have fun (with their hair colour, at least!)

2. Dark Lips

A bold choice? We think so too. A perfect evening look for your adventures on the town, that also works wonders to spice up your outfit.

3. Autumn-inspired nail designs

Cute designs and autumn colours – think nudes, browns, earthy greens, and oranges. Combine the two together, and you’ve nailed it!

4. Bronze eyeshadow

A warm, bronzy colour palette is just what’s needed to switch your make-up game from summer to autumn. The dreary weather should give you plenty of time to experiment with different shades and blends to keep things interesting.

5. Sweaters

Sweater weather. Need we say more? Stock up on your favourite comfy sweaters and jumpers this autumn, perfect for a comfy night in or a casual night out.

6. A good cleanse

After a long and hot summer, your skin needs a break from the sun and humidity and is likely in need of some TLC. Use facial oil to soften your skin, and use a good cleanser and moisturiser to hydrate your skin and get that post-summer glow.

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