30th September 2018

6 cute alternative ideas for wedding bouquets

These long-lasting bouquets will certainly turn heads.

1. Seashells

This bouquet would work perfectly for a beach wedding, complementing the surroundings of the ceremony and enhancing the bride’s beachy look with subtle tones of colour.

2. Pumpkins and veggies

Ideal for an autumn wedding, this bouquet – featuring small veggies and plenty of greens – draws attention to the tones and textures of such a seasonal wedding.

3. Lanterns

This is a great alternative for the bride who prefers flowerless bouquets for her bridal party – the choice of lanterns is stylish, rustic and memorable.

4. Wheat

Why not have a bouquet that you can keep forever? A wheat bouquet will add an interesting flair to your whole ensemble and work beautifully with a complementing colour palette.

5. Feathers

Feathers are a great choice for a bohemian wedding, and you could always add some pine cones for a decidedly rustic twist.

6. Book Pages

Unusual? We think so, but this alternative bouquet is an on-point idea for the book-lover bride.

7. Parasols

Perfect for bridal parties who have duties to perform at a summer wedding, this option not only protects them from the sun, but also gives them an ultra-stylish accessory to hold onto for eternity.

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