9th October 2017

6 Extraordinary Themes for your Wedding Reception  

Want to make your wedding one to remember? Pick a quirky theme and run with it!

Game of Thrones

When you play the game of themes, you win or you die! Game of Thrones has a really dedicated fan following, and although most of the weddings on the show end in disaster, a GoT theme can be a really cute way to indulge your nerdy side. It can be subtle (Khaleesi braids are a great choice for a wedding hairstyle) or overt (seating your guests by house or by region of Westeros). And if you’re taking pre-wedding photos, you might be able to get the photographer to photoshop in a dragon or two.


If you can’t get married at Disneyland, you can still make your wedding resemble the most magical place on earth. You can either choose one particular Disney film and run with it (Beauty and the Beast is perfect for this, for example, especially if you’re getting married in castle-like surroundings) or pick and mix your favourite Disney elements – a royal Cinderella-style invitation, a tiara like Princess Aurora’s, or even a Mickey and Minnie cake-topper. Just don’t put a dinglehopper in your hair.

Harry Potter

All aboard the Hogwarts Express to Weddingville! Harry Potter’s magical world provides plenty of wedding theme inspiration – if you don’t believe us, you have an official excuse to watch the movies again. Style your wedding invitations like a Hogwarts letter, and dress up your wedding venue like the Great Hall, with long tables and lots of floating fairy lights. Also those sweets Harry’s always buying from Hogsmeade are great ideas for a dessert table with a twist.

The Great Gatsby

A little party never hurt nobody, right? The Great Gatsby is full of lavish parties, beautiful people, glitz, glamour, and opulence — making it the perfect inspiration for a luxurious wedding. From 1920s Art Deco décor to flapper dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids to rooms full of gorgeous feathers and flowers, this wedding theme certainly gets the green light from us.

Alice in Wonderland

Why not go down the rabbit hole for a tea party with the Mad Hatter and friends? Alice in Wonderland is a gorgeous theme for a wedding, from the vintage illustrations of the original editions to the fun and funky visuals of the Disney film. From old-fashioned key invites to cakes and drinks with ‘EAT ME’ and ‘DRINK ME’ legends on them, to whimsical party favours, you don’t have to be mad to love it.

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Retro Carnival

Step right up ladies and gentlemen, for the greatest show you’ve ever seen. A retro carnival or circus theme is a great way to indulge your inner child as well as a perfect excuse to introduce a retro theme in a creative way. Create a playful atmosphere with cotton candy, ticket centerpieces, a kissing booth (with puppies!), balloons, and the craziest entertainment you can find for hire.

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