11th July 2018

6 Make-up tips every mother of the bride (and groom!) should know about

Bring your best and most confident self to your all-grown-up-child’s big day.

1. Consider finding your own artist

You might be tempted to use the same make-up artist that your daughter will be using for her wedding day make-up, but if you have a better person in mind who’s done your make-up before and who you feel confidently about, don’t think twice and book her.

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2. Get inspired

There’s no better way to get yourself all hyped up about your daughter’s (or son’s!) wedding more than you probably already are than by getting inspired for your look on the day. There are plenty of resources to help you fine-tune your idea – Pinterest is by far the easiest and vastest option.

3. Don’t overdo it JUST because it’s a special occasion

Stay level headed about your whole Mother of the Bride/Groom make-up look – it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of it all, but you shouldn’t go to town with make-up, just because. Instead, think about what kind of make-up you feel comfortable and confident in, and ask your artist of choice to tweak it a little, to suitably fit the special occasion of this wedding.

4. Do a trial

Unnecessary, is what you’re probably thinking right now, but not quite. Having your make-up look down before the actual wedding day is a good way to ensure that the process is fast and pain-free on the day, and to ensure you’re 100% happy with the results and with the artist you or your daughter chose.

5. Don’t overload the eyes

The tendency for wanting to look ‘made up’ is to apply lots of make-up to the eyes – which is a mistake. Heavy eye shadow and lots of eye liner will likely only make you look older, so consider swapping out liquid liner for a soft pencil, and strong, dark colours for softer tones which bring out the best in your features.

6. Use a satin-finish lipstick, not gloss

Any mother of the bride will probably recall her own daughter’s obsession with sticky lip gloss in her teenage years – so leave the gloss behind for your daughter’s wedding and opt for a satin-finish lipstick instead. Gloss tends to emphasize lines and wrinkles on the lips, which is a common occurrence in women over 50, while lipstick has a neater and more elegant finish.

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