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15th June 2019

6 tips to help wedding guests budget for a jam-packed season

Here’s everything you need to make your pennies stretch this wedding season!

You get a jolt of joy when you see a wedding invitation in the mail and you’re always more than excited to attend. But the moment you’ve decided to be a part of this couple’s big day, you’ve agreed to spend a sum of money. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind to make sure you don’t go out of pocket.

1. Set your budget early, and don’t budge!

While romance is in the air for your nearest and dearest, it can take a toll on your finances. Setting a budget once you know you have a wedding to attend, is the best way forward. Saving gradually will easily total to the desired amount, reducing the risk of panicking a few weeks before because of lack of funds.

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2. Regularly check your balance.

Keeping tabs on your bank accounts will always help in this regard. As the day grows closer, you can check in to ensure that you have enough to cover the expenses, especially if it’s a destination wedding.

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3. Say no to pre-wedding events

As fun as they can be, if you’re on a tight and strict budget, cutting back on all the pre-wedding events can solve a big chunk of your problem. It’s perfectly acceptable to decline attending a bachelor or bachelorette party or engagement dinner, to save money for the main event.

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4. Go the DIY route

Looking like a million dollars is a must at such an extravagant event, which means hair and make-up need to be on point. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you need to spend bucketloads on a hair stylist and make-up artist. Doing your own hair and make-up will definitely help save your funds.

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5. Reuse another wedding outfit

There’s no need to buy yet another wedding outfit that will just sit in your wardrobe. Reuse one of the many outfits you’ve got sitting pretty in your closet and which you’ve worn to other weddings. Borrow jewellery from your best mate or even a dress, if you’re not convinced about reusing yours. Either way, you’ll definitely save tonnes!

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6. Skip the hotel

Heading to a destination wedding? Staying in a snazzy hotel can set you back a few hundreds. Thankfully, there are other options to choose from. If you’ve got friends or relatives living in the area, take advantage of that and call in a favour. If not, bargain (and gorgeous) stays on AirBnB are the way to go!

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