12th April 2019

6 ways how sexting with your spouse can benefit your marriage

Time to shed those inhibitions – if there were any

Sexting is rarely an activity associated with married couples – why sext when you know you’ve got each other in the flesh? Well, everybody enjoys a bit of naughty behaviour, be it while physically together in the bedroom, or through a suggestive text to your spouse. Here are a few ways that sexting can benefit your marriage.

1. Body confidence

If there’s one person in the world who embraces your body wholly, it (should) be your spouse. Whether you choose to go full frontal or tease with a photo of your favourite underwear, a lot of good can come out of positive body affirmations.

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2. It strengthens your emotional intimacy

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3. Takes the edge off

Sometimes, even though we know a lot, both physical and otherwise about our partners, awkwardness around sex and sexual activity may still exist – we’re all human after all. Breaking down those barriers with a bit of fun like sexting may help take the edge off that awkwardness and lead you to new places in your relationship that you never considered exploring before.

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4. Makes you feel young again

Isn’t sexting an activity best left for the younger folk? Nope! Injecting your sex life as a married couple with a bit of fun and games could be just the right thing to take you back to those early years of your relationship, when it was all about the thrill of the chase.

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5. The most exciting kind of validation

If anyone says they never, even for a second, doubted whether their partner finds them attractive, they’re lying. Whether in the early days of courting or in marriage, we’re all susceptible to self-doubt, and sexting is one way to validate that our husbands are wives still long for us, and us only.

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6. It offers a certain comfort

Before you snort at this statement, hear us out. Sexting in relationships can cause a sense of worry that your photos or texts are shown to others. But that won’t happen in a marriage, when you and your spouse both protect each other and your privacy fiercely, putting both your minds at rest that whatever you share is for your eyes only.

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