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15th April 2018

7 bedroom trends that are big in 2018

Discover the must-have trends for your go-to haven.

1. Four-poster beds

If you have the space to make a statement, nothing says glamour quite like a four-poster bed. From wrought-iron to antique wood, and from classic to modern, four-poster beds effortlessly transport your space into a bygone era. And, if you want to accentuate a sense of the dramatic, add curtains. Can you imagine how much fun it will be to throw them open each morning?

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2. Neutral tones

For a while, many people were choosing to decorate their bedroom with a pop of colour – and that’s great. But the very latest trends mark a return to more zen-like spaces, where subtle shades like beige, grey and white work together to create a feel-good, welcoming ambience. If you’re worried your bedroom will look too bland, add interest through different textures, like lace, faux fur and velvet.

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3. Touch of pink

If you’d like a room with a bit more colour, however, pink is one of the biggest hues this season. But not any pink – 2018’s shades are far more demure and grown up. Think crepe, lemonade, flamingo and blush, which pair beautifully with other pastels too, extending your colour palette a little wider still.

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4. Statement rugs

Whether you’re stepping out of bed onto a parquet, tiled or hard-wood floor, a rug will make all the difference to your comfort (and the shock you get when you finally touch down!) While neutral colours can blend in better, statement rugs stand out for all the right reasons, and could even introduce a new hue to your overall scheme.

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5. Natural wood

If you’re creating a space that feels natural, it makes sense to include wood in your design – and there are all sorts of ways to do this. From a natural wood bedframe to natural wood floors, leaving your wood exposed means it will be soft to the touch, and could even add warmth to your final effect. And if you don’t choose exposed wood for your main bedroom features, simple accessories – like these natural wood apple crate shelves – could make for a beautiful finishing touch.

Image credit: decorationforhouse.com

6. The accent wall

Even if you opt for a simple style overall, you could still include an accent wall in your bedroom. Sometimes achieved with striking wallpaper, other times crafted using large lettering, lighting or even an array of pictures, an accent wall draws the eye to it and presents an opportunity for you to really showcase your personality.

Image credit: decoroption.com

7. Bohemian bedroom

For something completely different, why not give your bedroom a bohemian twist? Typified by light colours and an airy feel, a bohemian bedroom is really brought to life in your styling choices – including contrasting colours and textures, rustic linen and artwork, and items collected on your travels.

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