28th June 2018

7 engagement gifts for your man which will speak right to his heart

You can’t go wrong with any of them!

1. Concert tickets

Nothing says I love you like a pair of Rolling Stones tickets – or to a show for whatever and whoever floats his boat. Be prepared to go with him though – and buy yourself the T-shirt, while you’re at it!

2. A BBQ set of ingredients

It may be a bit of a cliché, but, for some men, cooking BBQ is a great way to prove they’re still the boss. Bolster his ego – and your stomach – with some well-sourced ingredients!

3. A trip – together

We know you now – hopefully – have your honeymoon coming up, but what better way to celebrate than going off on an adventure to some distant place? Think of it as the…er…pre-honeymoon.

4. And, perhaps, opt for something football themed?

If your future hubby is a World Cup fanatic – and you’ve just gotten engaged – he might want to remember the buoyant feeling of jubilation which accompanies both celebrations – that of your love (and of his favourite game!)

5. A Stormtrooper decanter

Not only for Star Wars fans…

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6. Remember to personalise

Everyone likes a gift which has been well-thought out and organised ahead of time. The token can be anything from a personalised grooming kit to a cutstom helmet for his favourite pastime – but it will prove invaluable if you make it all about him.

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7. Splash out on a watch

You have your ring, so why not buy him a reminder of your everlasting love by giving him a watch? It may not come cheap, but it’s something he will wear, and treasure, every single day.

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