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9th January 2018

7 Exciting Ideas For A Memorable Bachelors’ Party in Malta

Guaranteed laughs, embarrassing Instagram stories and great memories.

Ditch a gentlemen's club in favour of a fun, adrenaline-inducing activity on the last big lads’ day out in Malta before the wedding. NOTE: All of these activities can be followed up – but not accompanied by – copious amounts of food and booze.


The laser tag craze has reared its head again in recent years, and it’s the perfect sport to unleash your inner strategist, from chartering the rugged terrain at the Pembroke barracks to navigating the dizzying neon room at the Bay Street complex. Even if you think it’s just for kids, you will get sweaty and you will have fun – especially if the losing team has to buy the winners drinks!


Like laser tag, paint ball involves crawling around rough terrain trying to take out your opponents. However, it is slightly more hardcore than laser tag, involving actual helmets and facial coverings, stinging paint bullets and a slightly higher risk of injury (a bruise here or there, nothing that will impede you from walking up the aisle – yes we did say SLIGHTLY.) It can get pretty filthy so don’t wear your nice anything.

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Fancy yourself a bit of a Sherlock? Escape rooms are popping up all over the place in Malta, and it’s a great team activity that forces you to use your noggin. Players have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints and strategy to complete the objectives at hand and – as the name implies – escape the room before time’s up.


We’re surrounded by generally calm seas so a day filled with watersports could be a very memorable way to spend the morning part of your bachelors’ day out – especially if you brave the sea in winter! From paragliding to diving, to windsurfing to riding a jetski or speedboat, to taking on the flyboard, the options are limitless.


If you’re the nautical type but not a great fan of watersports, you might enjoy a day out at sea on the boat. You can either use your own boat if you have one, or charter one from the many companies that offer such services in Malta. With the possibility of sailing as far away as you dare, this is one that your friends won’t want to miss.


Once your friends stop cackling about the name, you’ll find that zorbing is really a heap of silly fun. Zorbs are large plastic balls which go over the head, leaving the legs free to run, walk, jump, flip or bounce. To enter the zorb, simply place it over your head and put your arms through the shoulder straps. You are now ready to start zorbing. You can zorb on land, in the sea and even make it part of a football match for hilarious results.

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You’ve probably been to Badger Karting when you were younger, and it’s just as much fun to unleash your inner Lewis Hamilton as an adult. The raceway located in the limits of Attard has a fleet of 30 petrol powered karts, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h. Combine that with the twists and turns of the 17 different track layouts, and you have a perfect mix of competition and adventure.

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