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23rd May 2019

7 jewellers in Malta for the ultimate engagement gems and wedding bands

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A spouse is for keeps. But, so is your wedding ring, and when you slip that on as you say your ‘I do’s’, you know this is going to be a reminder of the love and care you share with your better half. You need to feel comfortable with the weight of the piece, as well as the colour, metal and any gems you might have embedded within.

Choosing such a band can be a bit tricky, so where can you go for some professional advice? We pick the best of Malta’s jewellers. And, you never know, you might even pop by for a visit on your anniversaries.

1. Victor Azzopardi Jewellers

Victor Azzopardi Jewellers is a tried-and-tested legendary supplier of gems and precious pieces that has a long track record of serving couples, who have remained happy ever after. In all likelihood, your parents are still wearing their bands, so if you’re looking for a place with heritage, this place offers that up in bucket loads.

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2. Diamonds International

Sourcing their wares from various brands, Diamonds International may be a newer kid on the block, but boasts a wide array of superior quality bands and engagement rings. Go armed with all the questions you’ve thought of, and organise a refitting, should you need. The wonderful staff here are always happy to oblige.

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3. Gaba Malta

It can be difficult choosing what you’re looking for (though, of course, not as difficult as choosing who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with!). The specialists at Gaba Malta, however, do take the time out to explain the pros and cons of every piece. And, as you know, knowledge is power!

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4. Vascas Malta

Known for its sumptuous offering of table ware and porcelain, Vascas Malta also deal in gems and jewels. Their flagship store in Naxxar shows off the full gamut of possibilities, so, perhaps, a little browsing is in order?

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5. Sterling Jewellers

Definitely one of the better-known names on the market, Sterling Jewellers can be found on almost every high street. So, there’s really no excuse to delay selecting those rings which will accompany you through thick and thin.

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6. Frank Zampa Jewellers

If you’re looking for elegant shapes, you might want to give Frank Zampa Jewellers a shot. While not perhaps a household name, Frank Zampa’s attention to detail means you might find just what you’re looking for.

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7. Raphael Azzopardi Jewellers

In tune with the latest styles and trends, Raphael Azzopardi Jewellers really know how to make the most of their wares. Fashion influencers, such as Sarah Zerafa and Caroline Paris, have been seen sporting their pieces, so, if you’re looking for something hip, this might be the right place to stop.

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