18th July 2018

7 Personalised Illustration Ideas for Your Wedding Stationery

This wedding season, make your invitations outstanding.

What’s better than a little piece of personalised art to make your wedding stationery stand out? From invitations to thank-you notes, a piece of custom art will make your stationery truly memorable – and give you something to treasure, too! But what kind of piece should you commission? Here are some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1. The couple

The most obvious answer, but beauty often lies in simplicity. An illustration of the couple that’s getting married is beautiful, effective, and a lovely keepsake.

2. Your pets

If your pets are front and centre in everything you do, why not put them on your wedding stationery too? Everyone loves a cute kitty or pooch.

3. The venue

If the venue is particularly meaningful to you both, this is a great option. I recently received a wedding invitation with a watercolour print of the venue where the wedding would be held, and it was really special.

4. A caricature

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of humour! A caricature is quite original, and will definitely get a chuckle or two out of your guests.

5. Romantic motifs

There’s no shortage of illustrated romantic motifs you can go for – swans, doves, dolphins, lovebirds, flamingos, church bells, rings entwined… you name it, it can be done.

6. Florals

When in doubt, go with florals! You can commission flowers that mean something special to you, if you’re into the language of flowers, or blooms that will be part of your bouquet on the day.

7. Typography

Then again, illustration doesn’t have to be a drawing. If you prefer fancy fonts over pretty pictures, a talented calligrapher will be able to make your wedding stationery top notch.

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