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13th August 2017

7 Wedding Traditions That Need To Stop

Weddings are all about traditions, but feel free to wave these ones out the door.

1. Not seeing each other before the wedding

Sure it helps build the tension, but on the eve of the most exciting day of your life, surely you should be with the person who will be going through the same thing? Plus it’s based on a creepy tradition anyway.

2. All-female bridesmaids

I know #girlsquads are a thing, but who says a bride’s bridal party has to be all-female? If you have male best friends, they should totally be in your bridal party. And the same thing applies for the boys.

3. Having your dad give you away

While some of us are lucky to be blessed with great dads, some of us have had mums who had to do twice the heavy lifting. Your mum should absolutely be able to walk you down the aisle, not only if the dad is completely out of the picture, but even if you feel like you have a closer bond with her.

4. Releasing balloons after the couple exits the church

This looks really pretty but it’s not great for the environment – birds may eat them accidentally and end up with clogged stomachs, and if they’re released with string, they can become tangled up in them. At least rice and confetti are biodegradable!

5. Retrieving the garter

Do you really want your guests, including dear old mum and dad, the inlaws, your aunts and uncles, and probably your co-workers too, to go away with the image of the groom with his head under your skirt? Thought not.

Cake smashing

Considering all the money spent on hair, makeup and the gown, having someone ‘cutely’ smash your face into a cake should be pretty low on the things you want to do at your wedding. This isn’t a Steve Aoki concert.

The embarrassing best man speech

Nobody, but nobody, wants to hear another rambling tale of drunkenness and stupidity that somehow ends with ‘IMLIHA BRO’. Save it for the bachelor’s party.

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