5th October 2018

7 wedding venues to consider within the stunning Phoenicia hotel

From garden settings to historic locations, it has plenty to offer couples looking to set the date.

The Phoenicia is known among many locals and visitors as an iconic hotel with ties to Maltese aristocracy and even HRH The Queen of England. And while its backstory is rich and fascinating, it certainly has a lot more to offer than a history lesson.

We take a tour of the hotel and its grounds – the latter being bigger than the hotel itself – with Chrystelle Doublesin, Wedding and Events Executive at the Phoenicia, who highlights that, aside from the many stunning features of the hotel, couples can choose the best venue based on their budget, the size of the wedding and the style that they’re after.

1. Grand ballroom

Parquet floors, an elevated stage, high ceilings and a feeling of grandeur are but a few characteristics of this gorgeous venue. The ballroom alone can take from 200 to 600 people, and is suitable for both a seated meal as well as a standing reception. It’s also the automatic back-up venue for an outdoor wedding of the same size – and what a back-up!

2. Maryanski Porch & Terrace

Adjacent to the Grand Ballroom is the Maryanski Porch and Terrace, an indoor hall overlooking an outdoor terrace that’s flooded with natural light and able to host 80 to 200 people. The terrace overlooks the beautiful Rotunda, in itself a sight to behold. And, if you’re after a large indoor venue, you could book the Grand Ballroom together with the Maryanski Porch and Terrace – all of which have interconnecting doors and a private entrance for the couple and guests to access.

3. The Rotunda

This picturesque spot is immensely versatile and serves many purposes. It could be used for the after-party following a reception in the Grand Ballroom, it could be the setting for standing pre-drinks before heading inside for a seated lunch or dinner, it could host a civil ceremony, and it could also be used as a location for cocktails before heading down to the Bastion Pool, which becomes available as a wedding venue at 8pm.

4. Place of Arms

The walk from the Rotunda to the Place of Arms (as well as to the pool) is sheer perfection. You’ll walk beneath large trees and arched creepers, flanked by lush gardens on both sides, and arrive to the gazebo which is decked out in fairy lights and as romantic a location as it gets. The pathway could actually serve as the bride’s aisle to arrive to the ceremony location at the Place of Arms, or, alternatively, use this venue for the reception following a ceremony at the Rotunda. With glorious views of the infinity pool and sea, the Place of Arms is the perfect location for a small and intimate sunset wedding of up to 150 people.

5. Bastion pool

One of the most sought-after locations since the hotel’s refurbishment, the Bastion Pool offers a modern setting, with a natural-looking infinity pool that’s steeped in history. Besides the stunning pool and bastions, there’s also a spectacular view that became as instantly recognisable as the hotel itself. This outdoor venue can take up to 800 people and makes for a perfect location for a sunset wedding. It’s also immensely private as nobody overlooks the area.

Photo: Architecture Project (AP)

6. Green Lounges

A more traditional and somewhat classic option, the indoor Green Lounges are comprised of three interconnecting rooms, that could be used separately or individually, each able to host from 20 to 60 people for a seated wedding, and from 30 to 200 for a standing reception. They’re located at reception level and, once all the windows are opened up, become flooded with natural light and views of the outdoors.

7. The Phoenix

If you’re looking to ditch all the traditional notions of a wedding venue, consider The Phoenix. As the hotel’s main dining area, it’s a non-exclusive venue, but you could cordon off a section – we recommend the outdoor terrace – for a memorable lunch or dinner with your nearest and dearest. The elegance of the place is second to none, guaranteeing a perfect setting to celebrate your start to married life.

The Phoenicia will be hosting a weddings open day on Sunday 7th October from 10am to 10pm – no appointment needed.

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