5th May 2018

8 Brilliant Ideas featuring Letter Décor for your Reception

Give me an A, a C, and an E – yes, these are ace!

1. Big and bold!

Sing the feelings you want the world to hear on this beautiful day by making a large – and lettered – statement. Position the where everyone will see them as a constant reminder of what brought you all together.

2. A little bit of humour

There’s no reason why you need to hide your wicked sense of humour on a day which is all about you both! Let your personality shine through and choose something which will have you giggling long after the band has played the last song.

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3. Go all modern

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes but if you’re a fan of the clean, minimalistic look, use a darker palette, interlaced with white, or pale, elements to truly create a standout theme.

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4. Play with different styles

Font styles, that is. Who said you need to be consistent? If you’re a fan of the eclectic, and off-beat, consider using a mix of lettering sizes and playing with calligraphy. Decide where to place your words of choice and – voila – beautiful and useful!

5. Add a welcome sign

Many couples in Malta opt to place a photo of themselves, usually taken at the pre-wedding photo shoot, at the entrance of the venue to make sure no uninvited guests mistakenly stray in and grab themselves a drink (it has happened before). You can still do that – if you love the visual elements – but include a welcome sign to truly see your guests in with class.

6. Placed against a feature background

The words don’t need to float in air, by themselves, all lonesome. Place them on a pretty feature wall, such as this, to draw attention to the place cards, if you’re having a sit-down wedding, or at the guest-book table. Make it a talking point – just make it fit in with the style of your event.

7. Super glam!

No one ever regretted going for glam – you won’t either! Use letters which light up – a golden glow is softer than a bright fluorescent tone and looks better in photos too. This may work better for evening weddings, but you can always adapt it for a daytime do by opting for metallic coloured lettering.

8. Make it a green, natural one

If you’re having a spring or garden wedding (we’re so jealous!), show your love for the outdoors with these hedges-turned-letters. They are quite a lot of work to pull off, so make sure you speak to your florist and the venue well in advance if this is what you have your heart set on.

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