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15th February 2019

8 Maltese charities to donate to on your wedding day

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There’s no better day to give back than on your wedding day, and we’ve singled out 8 local charities for you to consider.

1. Appogg Children’s Fund

The Appogg Children’s Fund provides assistance in situations where children need material support immediately, for which their carers are unable to cater for, such as food, clothing, medication, uniform, books, sportswear, payments for school outings and more.

2. Puttinu Cares

Puttinu Cares is a local cancer support group that offers care for families with children battling cancer. The organisation also provides guidance for the parents of these children as well as monetary assistance for treatments abroad.

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3. Dr Klown

Inspired by the Patch Adams film, the NGO was set up with the aim of cheering up children receiving treatments at Mater Dei Hospital. Volunteers from all walks of life dress up as clowns and make them laugh, play with them and give them another reason to smile.

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4. Dar Merhba Bik

The Sister of the Good Shepherd had been looking after girls and women in difficulty since the congregation came to Malta in 1858. Over time, domestic violence has become a more pressing issue and so, the Sisters offer shelter to those fleeing an abusive household. Victims are helped to establish a way of life that is suitable for them away from a violent home.

5. Jays of Sunshine

Inspiring women Maxine Aquilina and Angie Amato launched Jays of Sunshine just last year. After both of them lost their mums to cancer, the girls decided to create this organisation to help dreams come true for children and young people undergoing treatment at the Rainbow War at Mater Dei.

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6. AAA

The Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) sanctuary houses close to 100 dogs, all abandoned on the streets. The AAA treats the dogs for any injuries or illnesses they may have, and then places them for adoption in the hope of finding a forever home. They just want to be loved!

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7. ALS Malta

ALS Malta, chaired by national hero Bjorn Formosa, aims to raise awareness and offer support to ALS and MND sufferers in Malta. ALS Malta is a community that gives support and palliative care and also helps research in the field.

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8. Hospice Malta

Inspired by Dame Cicely Saunders’ work, Hospice Malta was established in 1989 and provides palliative care for persons suffering from terminal cancer and motor neuron disease. Hospice Malta helps with pain management, psychological issues and bereavement support.

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