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14th May 2019

8 things you shouldn’t say to a newly engaged couple

“Congrats” is always welcome, but definitely not these phrases.

1. So there’ll soon be a baby on the way!

We know you’re excited for them, but your friends haven’t even planned their wedding yet, so there’s no reason to ask about starting a family just yet. It’s definitely a loaded question, and some might not want kids or might not be able to have them. But, if the couple does open up, feel free to engage in the discussion.

2. Who’s paying for the wedding?

Possibly one of the touchiest subjects following children, is money. You don’t know if families are disagreeing about money, if the couple is footing the bill themselves, or if one side can’t pay as much as the other. Save the newly engaged couple a headache, and keep those lips sealed.

3. I’m so excited to come to the wedding!

You may be pumped to celebrate their union, but don’t assume anything until one of the to-be-weds actually tells you you’re invited. For all you know, they might want a small, family-only wedding, or they might be eloping!

4. You should use the caterer I used for my wedding.

It’s completely fine to let the couple know that if they need help with the planning, you’re there for them, but leave it at that. Hold off on the unsolicited advice and wedding tips that you used for your own wedding, because the couple are likely to go a different route with their plans.

5. I can’t believe you’re settling down! Remember you used to date…

An engagement is a happy time for the couple as they plan to celebrate their love and start a happy life together. Bringing up an ex can make anyone feel uncomfortable or dampen the exciting mood, so it’s definitely not the time to mention them!

6. How much did the ring cost?

Another money question. In all honesty, just don’t even go there. While all rings are beautiful, some are clearly more expensive than others and maybe that’s all the couple could afford, and that’s perfectly fine.

7. Are you planning to lose weight for the wedding?

A question that possibly infuriates every bride and groom to be. We shouldn’t even need to say this, but this question is totally uncalled for. The couple’s health and wellness routine is their business alone. If they want to share their fitness plan with you, then that’s great. Otherwise, your job is to simply beam and tell them they look great.

8. Are you sure you’re ready?

That’s plainly none of anyone’s business. Unless you’re a relative or a trusted, lifelong friend with serious concerns about the couple’s relationship, there’s no need to stick your nose in their business. Just let them be!

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