30th May 2017

8 Times Celebrities Helped Their Fans Propose

Want to make sure your proposal is a memorable one? Why not enlist the help of a global superstar?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga helped her friend Jay propose to his boyfriend Shawn during the Manchester stop of her Artpop tour in 2014. She led them onstage, introduced them to her fans and took a step back as Jay got down on one knee to ask for his love's hand in marriage. After Shawn said "yes", Gaga ran over to them to give them a huge hug and then serenaded them with her hit "Born This Way”, wishing the happy couple, “a beautiful love and happy marriage.

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s music is pretty heart-felt so it’s no surprise that he’s helped pull of quite a number of engagements. During his Multiply World Tour in 2015, he helped his friend, Kodaline bassist Jason Boland pop the question to his longtime girlfriend, Etaoin Corr, in front of 80,000 fans in Dublin – she said yes, of course. No wonder Ed thinks of Ireland as such a romantic place!


During the last show of her Australian tour, the velvet-voiced singer randomly plucked an audience member named Chris from the crowd and asked him to join her on stage. Chris’ boyfriend climbed up with him and much to everyone’s surprised, got down on one knee and proposed! Adele said she had no idea it would happen but remarked on how sharp the engagement ring was and offered her heartfelt congratulations to the two.


Two of Beyoncé's dancers got engaged during the superstar's concert in Missouri in 2015 – fittingly enough during the performance of "Single Ladies". Backup dancer John Silver came out mid-song, grabbed the microphone from the singer and proposed to Bey's dance captain, Ashley Everett. “Now let’s see you do the choreography after that,” Beyoncé, joked to Ashley, who flashed her bling to the audience. John sure put a ring on it!


Coldplay frontman Chris Martin helped a fan propose to his girlfriend of three years during the band’s show in Melbourne in December 2016. He gave up the spotlight halfway through singing 'A Sky Full of Stars' to allow the man to give an emotional speech to the love of his life. “So in the midst of Coldplay, my new best friend Chris, and all the people here in Melbourne I just want to say I love you. 'Will you marry me?” he asked. She said yes, and Chris made the crowd laugh by telling the future groom not to take too long as “people have to catch trains and shit.”

Justin Timberlake

When a fan named Josh reached out to Justin Timberlake in November 2013 asking to propose to his girlfriend Kim at his Louisville, Kentucky concert, the Grammy-nominated singer happily obliged. Justin stopped his show after performing “That Girl” and brought Josh and Kim onstage. “Josh called me earlier. He’s got something he wants to tell you,” he explained to Kim, before hopping offstage to give them their moment. Josh proposed to Kim and planted a huge kiss on her, with Justin clapping and cheering for the happy couple.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding invited an audience member to propose to his boyfriend during her show in San Jose, California in April 2016. “When I was singing that song, the gentleman was trying to tell me something, and I think I got it right…” she told the audience, before inviting the fan onstage. The crowd then watched on cheering as the fan got down on one knee and asked his boyfriend to marry him whilst Ellie watched on smiling. The teary newly-engaged couple held each other in a warm embrace, and Ellie rushed in to give them both a hug.

Kelly Clarkson

At Kelly Clarkson’s Miracle on Broadway charity concert in December 2016, the singer invited two of her fans, Kiana and Amanda onstage under the pretense of having them sing with her. Kelly handed the microphone over to Kiana, who began speaking about how much Kelly's music has meant to her over the years, before going on to share that she "never really had a place to call home" until she met her girlfriend Amanda. "She's my home," Kiana said, pointing to Amanda. When Kiana reached into her pocket for the ring, the crowd erupted in cheers.

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