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26th December 2018

8 Tips for curbing costs when planning a wedding

(Then spend it on the honeymoon!)

Weddings ain’t cheap. Fact. And – a word of warning – suppliers tend to hike up their prices as soon as you say the ‘w’ word. But there are ways in which you can minimise your costs, while getting what you need and, more importantly, what you’ve set your heart on. Here’s how!

1. Prioritise when drawing up your guest list

The easiest way to cut costs is, of course, to limit the guest list. This does not mean you need to be too stringent and opt for 50 guests, if you don’t want to, but if you work out your sums properly you will understand the cut-off point at which the price-quality ratio will tip. Don’t be afraid to forgo some invites – it’s not the end of the world if you don’t invite your mother’s ex-colleague. Your priority is family and friends who really mean everything to you.

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2. Be sensible with your florals

It’s tempting to order blooms for every corner of your home, church and venue – after all, this is one time you can go all out, right? But flowers can be very expensive. Knock down the price of your florist’s package by opting out of corsages for your mother and mother-in-law; candle stands at the church and by carefully selecting those spaces to be decorated at the venue. And, even consider picking a venue which is naturally lush with colourful blossoms.

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3. Keep it local

Meaning – opt for Malta-made for anything you may have to buy. Frequently, items which have had to be flown in come with a heftier price tag, so why not encourage local creativity while saving a few pennies? It’s also easier to negotiate when dealing with a supplier who is intimately attuned to the island’s market and tastes.

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4. Create a budget for Every. Single. Item

This requires some organisational skills. When drawing up your lists of costs, don’t simply throw down general figures. Itemise the list in as much detail as you can and aim to save a few euros (whatever you can manage!) on each budget line. You’d be surprised on how much these little savings can amount to an overall which will keep you smiling.

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5. Don’t have your wedding on a weekend

We know this may sound strange, but weekend weddings frequently end up costlier than those taking place on an off-peak day. Celebrations taking place on Friday evenings as well as on Saturdays and Sundays can come with a heavy price tag. And, the rule also applies for public holidays. So, select a day which may not be so requested – and which could therefore come at a cheaper rate. In doing so, your chances of finding your dream venue available multiply!

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6. Ask your bridesmaids to wear their own shoes

Small expenses can really add up. Limit the amount of cash which goes onto items which may not necessarily be ever used again, such as your bridesmaid’s shoes. You’d be surprised as to how willing your closest friends will be to do this – after all, no one wants to wear a brand-new pair on a day which can feel a bit like a marathon.

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7. Choose a venue which is well-equipped

And doesn’t charge you extra for the rental of chairs, tables and drapes. When approaching your preferred venue options, never forget to ask them about the fine print. What are the additional expenses? Do you have to opt for the standard package? What are the in-house resources the venue can offer? These details can make all the difference to your bottom line.

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8. Don’t feel pressured to do things ‘as they’ve always been done’

Your wedding day is all about the love you share with your future spouse and – really – absolutely nothing else matters. Yes, there are wedding traditions which are beautiful to follow, if you’re so inclined, but these are supposed to be positive additions to your day and not chains, locking you down. You cannot afford seat covers? Don’t rent any. You’re trying to limit expenses for your parents? Discuss opting out of the traditional gift-giving prior to the wedding. This is your day and, when it comes down to it, nothing matters but those ‘I dos’.

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