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11th November 2017

9 Fashion Rules for Grooms

Because it’s not just the bride’s job to look fabulous – the boys have to do their bit too.

1. Match the level of your wedding

You’re one of the two stars of the show, so of course your attire should be perfectly matched with the overall vibe of the wedding. If your wedding is in the daytime or outdoors, you can wear a more casual, lightweight suit, but if it's an evening affair, a dark, well-tailored suit or a tux is a must.

2. Coordinate your outfit with your partner’s

You have to look good together, right? If she’s gone all out on the bling in her dress, you need to complement that with something equally fancy, like a classic black tux. On the other hand, for a more bohemian vibe, a tailored suit in blue goes beautifully with a rustic lace gown. If you’re in doubt, ask her.

3. Coordinate your outfit with your groomsmen, too

Groomsmen should wear suits that are similar in style and tone to the groom. They don’t necessarily all have to wear the exact same suit or tux, but their outfits should match yours sartorially in terms of elegance and feel.

4. Dress according to your body type

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Not everyone is built like Chris Hemsworth, and that’s okay – a good suit can help you look like a god regardless. If you think you’re too skinny, try a double-breasted suit to make you look broader. On the other hand, for a leaner silhouette, try a dark fitted suit with a nip in the waist. Want to add some height? Go for a two­ or three­-button jacket with a low ­button stance.

5. Make sure the fit is impeccable

A bespoke suit will always look better than an off-the-rack, because it’s designed around your body, but with a few tweaks, a well-made, off-the-rack tux will look fabulous as well. Don’t be shy to shop around and do ask for alterations, they can make all the difference in the world.

6. A-hem

The hem of the jacket sleeve should fall at the wristbone – a little bit of the cuff (between one-fourth and one-half of an inch) should be visible. The bottom hem of the jacket should cover your bum and the vent should remain closed – otherwise, it means it’s too tight.

7. Button up

Grooms can generally choose between a two-button jacket and a three-button jacket. If you choose a two-button jacket, the top button should rest at or above your belly button. If you choose a three button jacket, the middle button should follow the same rule.

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8. Make sure your trousers fit well

For a traditional look, trousers should fit comfortably when standing and sitting and break across the top of the shoes so they cover the top one-third. For a more modern look, the hem should just hit the top of the shoe. Choose dress socks that are long enough so no leg is exposed when sitting down. The socks can also be a way to express your personality or complement the bride.

9. Use details to achieve a distinctive look

Being coordinated doesn’t necessarily mean you and the groomsmen need to look like clones. Don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your outfit – spice things up and wear a special boutonniere or a bow tie, vest, necktie, cummerbund or cuff links in a different colour or style. Always keep it stylish.

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