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30th June 2018

9 reasons why you should give flats to your guests for the after-party

They’ll love you for it – we promise!

1. They’re comfortable

Is there a better feeling than kicking off your high heels and putting on a pair of comfy flats? (Maybe taking off your bra at the end of a long day, but only that!)

2. They’re cheap

Nowadays, you can bulk-buy flat shoes off Amazon or AliExpress for very little – a small price to pay to ensure your guests’ feet are well taken care of!

3. They’re cute

A ballet shoe that rolls up like a little sock? That’s adorable.

4. They show that you’re considerate

Even though you’re the star of the wedding, you still care about how your guests are feeling.

5. They go with all outfits

From jumpsuits to cocktail dresses, they’re cute with everything.

6. You can adapt them according to the seasons

Ballet shoes for the colder seasons, flip-flops for when it gets hotter. Sorted.

7. They bring everyone down to the same level

Whether your guests came to the wedding in €800 Louboutins or €20 shoes from the ASOS sale, everyone’s the same when they’re standing in Dr Scholl Party Feet.

8. They’ll keep the party going

It’s much easier to keep dancing when the balls of your feet aren’t screaming in pain.

9. They’re a nice keepsake

They can use them again and again!

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