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22nd October 2018

A Disney-inspired wedding – Kelly and Kai

From childhood friends to happily ever after, Kelly and Kai share the best parts of their big day

Kelly and Kai’s relationship goes back a few years; two decades to be exact! The couple met in primary school and were childhood friends growing up, only to part ways upon finishing school. Two years later, they connected on Facebook, decided to meet, and the rest is pretty much history from then on.

Kai planned a fascinating, romantic proposal in a cave in Comino at Santa Marija Bay. Kelly explains that, on 13th August 2016, “Kai and our friend Leanne lit up the cave with tea light candles spelling ‘Marry Me’. As soon as I went in with a friend (who drove me there on a dinghy), I saw the candles and didn’t realise they were for me until we went really close. Kai was waiting for me there and he popped the question! I had so many mixed emotions – I felt surprised, happy, and the luckiest girl in the world!”

The wedding preparations were handled largely by Kelly and her mum, as Kai “mostly agreed on everything, therefore he trusted me in taking care of everything.” They both wanted their guests to have fun, and also to be well fed – they opted for two main tables apart from the assortment of finger foods: a parmigiana wheel with a live pasta cooking station, and a sushi table.

Kelly describes herself as “a Disney freak” so she wanted a magical, Disney-themed wedding. “I wanted to feel like a Disney princess,” she says, and they relied on Ruben Décor to execute what they hand in mind. “The only request I gave him was the theme I wanted, then it was in his hands.”

Kelly and Kai stuck opted for a largely traditional wedding, but with some twists. “We started the wedding in one area where guests could enjoy a drink until we arrived, and they thought that the wedding would be set there all night. As soon as we arrived, we surprised them by opening a beautifully decorated gate while a Disney song played, and they followed us to where the wedding continued all night.” Their dog, Belle, also attended the wedding and joined them in their first dance. The couple also organised an after party where pizza slices and jelly shots were served to top off the night!

For their wedding invitations, Kelly and Kai did a one-page silver bordered invite with their initials on top, placed in a carriage. “We gave a donation instead of souvenirs to the Association of Abandoned Animals as they need help building a new sanctuary, and also because we are animal lovers.” They distributed bookmarks to their 600 guests as a keepsake.

Sticking to the Disney theme, Kelly wore a stunning ball gown adorned with Swarovski crystals, lace applique and a deep-V on the back. “I always dreamt of a ball gown dress for my wedding day, as it is the only day I can really feel like a Disney Princess, and I truly felt like one that day!” For the after party, she changed into something a little more relaxed: a sequined crop top, sequined shorts, and a sheer skirt over the shorts which she designed, to be comfortable for dancing the night away, which is exactly what she did!

Although their wedding day was unforgettable in all the right ways, the couple admits they did experience a few hiccups on the day. “I bought Kai Montblanc cufflinks online as a wedding gift for the day, and when he was putting them on, he realised one of them was broken.” In addition, the driver who was meant to pick up Kai’s grandmother was late to the ceremony because of traffic, so they had to start the ceremony without her.

Kelly happily mentions that her favourite part of the day was “entering the church with my father and watching Kai on the alter. I felt very emotional and happy!” Also, they admit that the surprised looks on their guests faces when they revealed the actual location, was priceless.

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