10th June 2018

A guide to bulk booking hotel rooms for your destination wedding

The devil is in the detail!

1. Do your research

Trawl the websites to see which hotels will work for you and your guests. Try and look for a variety of accommodation options, if you’re a large group, and if you know your guests have different financial limitations. Don’t assume everyone will be willing to fork out hundreds on a night in a five-star hotel.

2. Choose a shortlist

Once you’ve gone through all the options, select 2 of each class of accommodation, or hotel type, and request direct quotes, giving each an indication of how many people you’re looking at booking.

3. Take a punt

You may not have sent the invites out yet, and you may not have exact numbers, but this does not mean you won’t have any idea on how many people will be joining you and your partner and what sort of budget they’re looking at. Take a guess on the number of rooms – or beds – you might need.

4. Find a contact

You will need a name – a specific person – with whom you can deal with. Resist any attempt to coordinate everything through some general customer care. You need a one-on-one relationship with a representative of the hotel who can help you with all your needs.

5. Make a preliminary booking

Even before you send the invites out, book the rooms. Remember that punt you took? Well, you should now use it. Ask the hotel by when you would need to give them confirmed numbers, and work backwards to set a deadline for your RSVPs.

6. When you send the invites, ask for an early RSVP

This is essential. You need enough lead-time to be able to react to any changes and to confirm the bookings appropriately. Also, allow some leeway for any last-minute hiccups (there always are) and make the hotel aware that there might be some further tweaks.

7. Log any special requirements

Do you need family rooms? Are two people sharing in a twin? When you make your booking, make sure you note down these special requirements, as well as any catering notes the hotel would need.

8. Ask for a separate check-in area and prosecco!

If you’ve invited dozens to your wedding, and you’re lucky enough to have most attending, ask the hotel for a separate desk for your guests to check in. It will make the process much smoother and stress free – especially if a cool prosecco is served!

9. Send your guests all the information before travel

Before anyone steps on a flight, send a document to all your guests giving details on the accommodation you’ve booked for them. Include things like breakfast as well as check-in and check-out times, and what is included within their hotel booking.

10. Welcome them in reception!

And to cap off your superb organisational skills, make sure there’s someone from the bridal or wedding party to welcome your guests as they arrive at the hotel. You can then give them a run-down of what’s going to happen and start getting into the groove for the big day!

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