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29th October 2018

A waterfall garden wedding – Jessica & Luke

Welsh couple Jessica and Luke travelled to Malta with 96 guests to get hitched at the stunning Limestone Heritage

Jessica was only 14 years old when she met Luke at school. “He asked me to be his girlfriend, but I said, ‘I was concentrating on my school work’!”, Jessica says. But, after a few months of persuasion, she said yes, little knowing that this was the man she was destined to ultimately marry. “It was just fun, young love to begin with, but we turned it into our forever.”

That forever was pledged in a proposal alive with significant personal touches, forever etched into the memories of the couple. “Luke proposed in a very special place to the both of us. A week before the proposal, Luke’s grandmother Wyn, who was so dear to us, passed away in a hospice high up on a cliff looking out onto the sea with us by her side. In the week following her passing, Luke had contacted my best friend Hannah and said, ‘it’s time’. They went ring shopping and Luke asked my father if he could marry his daughter. I had no clue! On 1 November 2015, on a chilly but sunny day, Luke took me to the same seafront. We looked out onto the sparking water and he took out a ring box from his pocket. I was completely shocked, and we were both so emotional. I will never forget that day!”

The couple had always wanted a destination wedding and, after setting a date – 10 years after that first moment at school – they looked into their options. Jessica sought the advice of a travel agent in her hometown of Cardiff, taking a few destination wedding magazines home. “Flicking through, I came across an outdoor venue with a beautiful waterfall. It was Limestone Heritage in Malta and I immediately knew! I pointed to the picture and said ‘Luke, we have to get married here!”

But, the couple were concerned about the practical logistics. “We couldn’t figure out how we would get all our guests to come, how we could get everything over there in our suitcases and how we would organise a wedding over email.” Going through the travel agency seemed to compound the problem, due to limitations imposed on accommodation, which caused endless frustration. “I felt the dream was slipping away, but we were so determined to get married in this venue! We ended up contacting the venue ourselves and the venue wedding planner, Eve Baldacchino, replied straight away! She was so helpful and relaxed.”

And, only two weeks later, their wedding was booked for 13th June 2018, with Limestone Heritage serving as the venue for the ceremony and the reception. As well as helping Jessica and Luke with all the nitty gritty of the preparations for the big day, all queries were handled by Eve. “She was so organised and calm, we had full trust in her suggestions and experience. I couldn’t wait to introduce our families to her! She became a huge part of our day and made us feel so special.”

In March, the couple decided to fly down to the island to finalise their plans with Eve. “That trip was a real highlight! For a long time, I had been in Cardiff caught up with dress fittings, deciding what colour flowers to go for, whether my hair should go up or down, whether to go for black or blue suits and coming to Malta just made me realise the real reason why we were doing this. We were getting married!” And, while they were on the island, they visited the venue for the first time. “The venue felt so special to us from the beginning. We just fell in love with the place. It was like no other. We saw the stunning waterfall in the centre of this old limestone quarry, learnt about the history of the quarry and we even met Eve and her wonderful family.”

A few months later, the couple packed their bags and headed back to the Mediterranean island, with their loved ones in tow. “To our complete surprise, all of our 96 guests came to Malta! We stayed all over the island and we met up on various nights. It was so relaxed and a great build up to our big day.” And, the big day didn’t disappoint. In the morning, the bridal party got ready calmly, having their photos taken on the balcony of their five-star hotel, while the groomsmen headed out with Luke for some last-minute cuff-link shopping, spending the early afternoon getting dressed.  “Driving to the venue, I felt so calm and prepared,” Jessica remembers. “My father had refused to see any pictures of the venue prior to the day, so walking down the aisle was even more special. He was in awe. Eve had really gone above and beyond. I just couldn’t wait to see Luke at the end of the aisle!”

And, indeed, the couple have very fond memories of their destination wedding in Malta. “We ate a beautiful Maltese barbecue outside and danced into the night in front of the lit-up waterfall and under a shower of fireworks. We love Malta and now it holds a special place in our hearts! We showed our guests around the island and they were able to live our dream with us. I can honestly say I would not change a thing.” Jessica says. And, would she have any advice for those seeking a similar experience? “I would say do your research and know what you both really want. And don’t rule out a wedding abroad even if it feels like it may be too much hard work, or it won’t work out. Just keep focused on your dream and work for it.”

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