17th February 2018

Anniversary gift ideas for the first five years which won’t break the bank

Show your love without showing the money.

1.Year 1 (Paper) - A framed print of the song lyrics which were playing as you walked down the aisle

Whether it was Whitney Houston’s 'I Will Always Love You', ‘Something’ or ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Beatles, immortalise those special moments in both of your memories by gifting a print of the special words which accompanied you down the aisle. You could also give your spouse a book which means a lot to you: discover the shared pleasure of experiences lived through its pages.

2. Year 2 (Cotton) – His & her socks

It may have only been two years, but how many is that in sock years? How many have you taken from his drawer, only for them to be swallowed up by the washing-machine (otherwise known as the sock monster)? Well, this is your chance at pleading forgiveness. Have personalised socks printed and show him that this pair will be forever after. Bless your cotton socks!

3. Year 3 (Leather) – Leather Mr and Mrs Passport Holders

Leather has a reputation of being very expensive but don’t go for anything big, if you cannot afford it. These Mr and Mrs passport holders show the world your love for each other, while opening the doors to the four corners of the planet. Even if your hubby isn’t Elon Musk, and he isn’t taking you to the stars in his Space X, explore this world together, creating beautiful memories along the way.

4. Year 4 (Fruit and Flowers) – A Fruit Basket (yes, you read right)

Fruit baskets are not only for the sick and infirm! Show your love by giving him the gift of health with cute little messages showing your love and devotion. If you want something a bit longer lasting, why not buy a plant, for example the heart-leaf philodendron? You can also give him flower seeds to plant and watch grow.

5. Year 5 (Wood) – Personalise that hammer!

Coming up to the five-year mark, what better way is there to encourage your husband to do some maintenance around the house than by giving him his very own hammer of lurrvee? He might say he already has one but tell him this piece of wood is more practical. If you think that’s too cheeky, personalize a wooden watch. With the trend for all things eco, they’re, ironically, all the rage.

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