10th January 2019

Ben Camille puts his acting skills to the test imitating daughter Elle

These pictures will bring a smile to your face

Ben Camille, or perhaps his daughter Elle, is melting the hearts of faithful followers and beyond with a series of Instagram stories the actor and model shared yesterday, featuring none other than baby Elle pulling the cutest faces imaginable.

The XFactor Malta host can be seen attempting to imitate his sweet, months-old daughter, born last December, and who is Ben and Xtina Camilleri’s first child, in between showering her with loving, fatherly affection.

We’re having a hard time choosing our favourite here – is it the one featuring baby Elle yawning from all the hard work of posing with her dad?

Or is it the one where she’s looking right at the camera, unamused, wishing she were in dream land instead?

We’re not sure, but she seems to have been tired out by the end it, when Ben shared a moment of his angelic daughter fast asleep on her father. These look like the best kinds of daddy-daughter moments to us!

Image Credits

Ben Camille / Instagram

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