30th January 2018

Blue Ivy shushing her Parents at the Grammys is every Child Embarrassed of their Parents

There’s no questioning who wears the pants in the Carter-Knowles household.

There were a number of highlights at the 2018 Grammy Awards show last weekend, but few were as talked about as the moment Blue Ivy, the eldest daughter of Jay Z and Beyonce, told her parents to calm the hell down while sandwiched between, front and centre at Madison Square Garden in New York City, during this annual gathering of music industry A-listers.

Let’s face it, six-year old Blue is already a seasoned pro at attending celeb-packed events.

And she’s certainly no stranger to her mother’s insane performances, which are usually the highlight of any awards show or event.

It’s also safe to say that she has more celebrity friends than you’ll ever know or meet in your life.

But her best moment yet was at this year’s Grammys, when she showed Queen B and Jay Z – who were warmly applauding Camila Cabello’s speech – the hand, either meaning ‘calm down’, ‘stop clapping’ or ‘can you please stop embarrassing me?’

Bow down to the new queen, it seems.

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