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14th October 2017

Bride and Groom Gift Exchange – A Must?

The short answer is ‘no’. But, if you’re looking to refocus attention on your love, and remind your partner why they have to witness their drunk uncle twerk, then you might want to consider it. Here is our handy guide to get you started.


Ok, so we know weddings are a bit like Christmas for grown-ups – all that confetti, pastel wrapping paper and ribbon is enough to distract anyone from the real meaning behind it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Giving a token to your loved one does not need to involve lots of money or lots of hassle: just some thought. And, it is an optional tradition, so no one is going to be keeping tabs on you (not even your mother).


The night before the wedding, once the festivities are over, or on the first night of your honeymoon are common choices. The morning of your wedding might also be an option if you’ve decided to forego the ‘do-not-see-each-other-before-the-ceremony’ rule. Any way you want to play it, just make sure it’s just the two of you and give yourself some time to enjoy the intimate moment.


Not much. It actually needn’t cost anything at all. A song, handwritten letter, a personalised photo or, even, a small video message sent to your loved one just before they leave for the ceremony will all do the trick.


Yes! Make it personal, and include private messages, or create a series of ‘Open when’ letters (for e.g. open when we have our first child; open when we have our first fight). Relate it to an experience you would like to or you are going to have together, such as your honeymoon. Gift your partner some sunglasses if you’re going somewhere sunny and hot (or a rain jacket if you’re not!). Alternatively, you can buy tickets to a concert or an event after the wedding. More traditional gifts, such as jewellery or a watch, would also work, though there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg. Just choose something which will last and which will increase in sentimental value as the years pass.

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