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27th May 2018

Bring your suit A-game to your wedding day

Be the George Clooney to your Amal with these tips!

Hey husbands-to-be, we know you’ve got it down – but, do you really? Here’s how to go from ‘yeah, he’s ok’ to ‘wow, he’s getting married?’. Hint: it’s all in the details of the suit!

1. Make sure it fits

Even if you require multiple fittings, especially closer to the day. Remember, those photos are going to be with you forever (and that’s not a threat).

2. Attention-grabbing colour

We mean that little pop of colour. Don’t go over overboard (unless your partner is happy for you to be the centre of attention) but pick a few details which will stand out against the rest.

3. Go vintage

There are ways of incorporating the vintage, and off-beat, into your wedding day suit. Tweed, plaid or a three-piece, for example, scream class without whispering ‘old fogey’

4. Perfect patterns

Yes, you can do florals. Match your boutonniere with the style of your tie or your handkerchief – making sure that the colours tone in – and you’ll look classically on trend. And, you can even mix patterns should you be in the mood!

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5. Create contrast

Standout from the rest of your groomsmen (or your groom) with a suit which contrasts in style and colour!

6. Sans tie or kooky accessories

If your day-to-day style is far from the traditional, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your suit for the big day. Feel more comfortable by ditching the tie, or if you insist on going the full nine yards, wear something which is as individual as you are.

7. Black tie needn’t be all black

Wear a black-tie – in white! This style is so elegant, your soon-to-be-spouse will be asking you to wear it again and again (you have been warned!)

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