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10th November 2017

Camilleri Caterers: The Evolution of the Modern Wedding Cake

The caterers at Olive Gardens know a thing or two about wedding cakes – not only about its humble beginnings, but also its importance on the wedding day itself. They share their wedding cake wisdom with OurWedding.

The modern-day wedding cake evolved from a tradition dating back to medieval times, when guests invited to a wedding were expected to take with them a small cake to the reception, all of which would then be stacked on each other. Any tradition that lasts so long is a testament to how important it actually is; and after all, it represents the first shared task of married life!

Being one of the focal points at any wedding, it is essential to choose the right cake. Here are some things you need to know.


Ideally, your wedding cake complements your reception location and its décor. You may want a very different cake for a wedding being held at a palazzo than for an informal union in a garden; so it’s best to choose the venue before making any commitments with the cake. Of equal important is finding the best spot for the cake to be displayed. More often than not, it is placed close to the entrance for guests to see while walking in. Since cakes can get lost in large spaces, it should be given prominence and surrounded with interesting structures, artworks or décor, wherever it is placed – anything to help it stand out.


Your choice of wedding cake must blend in with the style and theme of your wedding, rather than compete with it, including colour themes. Consider how the cake will work with the setting, interior fabrics and the overall colour scheme. Although caterers usually offer a collection of wedding cake photos, a massive variety can be found online or in bridal magazines, and it would be useful for you to take your time and browse for inspiration. Many caterers are nowadays open to new ideas brought forward by their clients, so why not try something new anyway?


The most traditional flavour locally is still almond, however, caterers are increasingly adapting to international influences and baking anything from carrot cakes and red velvet cakes to chocolate hazelnut cakes, although this is mostly determined by the style of cake you’re after.

The finishing touch

Traditionally, the cake topper placed on every wedding cake was representative of the bride and groom in formal wedding attire. Today, however, couples are opting for a less formal route, and going with toppers that reflect shared hobbies or passions. The cake topper is sometimes omitted altogether, having the cake decoration flow from top to bottom instead.


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It goes without saying that cakes vary in budget depending mainly on the cost of the materials in question and the amount of work involved. Our advice is that a wedding cake is far more effective if it’s simple in style but done properly, rather than a fussy one that is compromised because of budget constraints.

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