14th February 2020

D’awh! 10 celeb couples who went all out with their love dedications this Valentine’s Day

There are so many definitions to the word love!

Love should be a daily celebration, but Valentine’s Day gives everyone the excuse to express their sentiments freely and fully. These much-loved and loved-up couples certainly didn’t hold back:

1. Tamara Webb & Ken Cauchi

Nothing beats Tamara’s take for the most adorable (and exciting) Valentine’s message ever: “It’s the most beautiful thing I can ever share!” she wrote. And it’s parenthood ahead for Malta’s Balance Queen! 

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2. Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova

Enrique and Anna, who have been together for 19 years, have multiple reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the biggest of which was the arrival of their third child, which the singer announced through a photo simply captioned “My Sunshine 01.30.2020”

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3. Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

After getting hitched in a whirlwind ceremony last year, it’s been revealed that this adorable duo is expecting their first child together. And for his Valentine’s message to the mum-to-be, Joe shared a picture of his wife twirling in a park, adding a red heart in the caption.

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4. Melissa & David Gatt

Baby announcements and Valentine’s Day celebrations seem to be the way to go this year. Indeed the couple have recently shared they’re expecting identical twins, and while they’re both still in shock (and super excited!), Melissa took some time to share a sweet public message today. “Things have not always been rosy coloured and happy. We have had some tough times in the past, and with time, we have gotten to know our strengths, and our weaknesses. We have learned how to deal with each other, and what makes each other happy” she wrote as she described their past 8 years together, and shared what the couple have learnt about being in a relationship.

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5. Amy Schumer & Chris Fischer

America’s funny gal didn’t disappoint with her loving Valentine’s message. Yesterday, she shared a picture of her snoozing husband to Instagram, writing that: “It’s my anniversary to marrying this guy. I’m really glad we got married. Our baby was sick and got his first fever this week and I cried hard and Chris was solid as a rock.”

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6. Danita & Andrew Camilleri

As for local funny gal Danita, her dedication to her husband was as humourous and relatable as all her other posts: “Happy Valentine’s husband! I have many spontaneous photos of you… all I want for Valentines is just one spontaneous photo of me with our son! It’s not going to cost you any money…all you need to do is think of it! THANKS IN ADVANCE! I LOVE YOU.”

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7. David & Victoria Beckham

The ultimate power couple went full out for Valentine’s, with the football legend sharing multiple snaps of his wife and their four children along the years, with a simple yet heartfelt message dedicated to the five most important people in his life.

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8. Stella Cini & Daniel McLean

Hair creative and local vlogger Stella Cini got the sweetest message for Valentine’s Day from boyfriend Daniel. “Happy Valentine’s Day darling, wish I could be there with you. Here’s some of us over the years,” he wrote, sharing some sweet snaps of them. “Thanks for everything and love you loads.”

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9. Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman

These two have been married almost 14 years now, but their love is still as bubbly as ever. The singer expressed his love for his wife by sharing a picture of the loved-up couple together framed by a heart-shaped wooden structure.

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10. Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

Their family is currently grieving the loss of Michael’s father, the legendary Kirk Douglas, but the actress took a minute to post a reminder that despite love lost, it is still around in abundance. “My forever Valentine” she wrote in the caption of a picture of the two together.

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Taryn Mamo Cefai

Taryn served a dose of realness through her latest Instagram post: “Today we celebrate love. I hope you’re happy, safe & surrounded by love. Remember that love comes in many forms and today is a celebration of all those forms. Let’s never forget to love others unconditionally, love ourselves with all our imperfections and of course love our planet! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful souls.”

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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