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19th August 2018 

Did you know you’ll receive a one-time bonus once you’re married?

It’s called the Marriage Grant – and every little bit counts.

The Marriage Grant is that little bit of good news for married couples who feel broke until the end of time as a result of planning a wedding, doing up a house, and being an adult in general.

But what does it mean for Maltese married couples? Let’s break it down.

Did you know?

Couples who get married in, and are residents of Malta can apply for a marriage grant within six months after tying the knot. The Marriage Grant, paid by the Government, can be a maximum of €280 per person, that is, up to €560 per couple.

Who is eligible?

The grant is open to Maltese nationals who have contributed at least 26 Social Security Contributions before the date of marriage. In the case of a remarried person, 26 contributions are to be paid as from the last date of marriage. EU nationals with a permanent Maltese residence are also eligible.

How do I apply?

You and your significant other must fill in an application form, which can be obtained from the Department of Social Security, from your district Social Security Office or online. The form must be submitted to the same Department within six months from the date of marriage. Provided that your marriage was registered in Malta, there’s no need to present a marriage certificate to apply for the Grant. However, when a marriage cannot be verified against official records, the marriage certificate will be required.

When will I get paid?

The Grant is paid to each eligible spouse on a particular day according to a schedule, which you can view under the Short Term Benefits tab on this website.

For all information about the Grant, the application form and the exact day that you can expect to receive it, visit

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