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2nd August 2018

Do you have to have a bridal party? Here are some pros and cons

We weigh the best bits, and the worst bits, and try to figure out if it’s worth it.

So you’re getting married – congrats! But will you be having a bridal party? It’s not always an easy yes or no. Here are three pros and cons of having a bridal party, and try to figure out if it’s worth it.


The support you’ll get

A bridal party is basically a group of girls (and sometimes, gents) who have signed up to listen to you freak out about your wedding, with no judgement, support you when you’re feeling at your most stressed out, and bring you back to earth when you’re in total diva meltdown mode. Since planning a wedding often turns out to be stress-central, having a bridal party to support you can prove to be a life-saver.

The memories you’ll make

There’s no bonding experience quite like the moments you’ll share with your maid of honour or bridesmaids. From wedding dress shopping to cake tasting to the hen’s party to the big day itself, your bridal party will be in the picture all the time, and it’s something you’ll always look back on and smile about.

The chance to really honour your friends

When you choose someone to be in your bridal party, you’re getting to tell your best friends and/or relatives how much they mean to you. After all, only the closest of the close get to be part of the bridal party. It’s something they’ll cherish forever, no matter how many years go by.


The potential for drama

You know how in the previous point, I said that being in a bridal party is a huge honour, because it means you’re a #1 bestie? Well, what about the ones who got left out? There’s a risk that people who were expecting to be in the bridal party and got left out might take offence, and worrying about your friends’ hurt feelings is the last thing you need to be doing. There’s also the potential for internal bridal party drama, especially if two or more of the bridesmaids don’t really get on.

The expense

Money, money, money. Having a bridal party means you’ll have to fork out more money, for hair and makeup, nails, bridal gifts, accessories – and the members of the bridal party will also have to spend more money than they would as regular guests. If your budget’s tight, or you know your friends aren’t in the greatest situation financially, it may be best to skip it.

The workload

Being part of a bridal party is joyful and fun, but it’s also a lot of work, until the big day arrives, and then some. Have you ever noticed how during a wedding, the bridal party spends almost all of it working? From doing the rounds to collect the envelopes from guests, to checking to make sure that nobody’s trying to crash the party, being a bridesmaid or a maid of honour basically means being on duty until the afterparty…and then you have to stay until the very end and ensure everything is in order. It’s a job your besties would be happy to do for you, of course, but it basically means they’re on duty all the time.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you have a bridal party or not. Each wedding is unique – just go with the choice that makes sense to you.

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