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20th October 2019

Eco-it: 7 nature-based wedding favours to consider giving out on your big day

Kind to you and the planet

1. Honey from honeyland

Malta (melite, coming from the Greek word meli or honey) takes its name from the bounty given by the bees, so why not incorporate this gift from the land into your wedding favours? Source some authentic Maltese or Gozitan honey – making sure there are no additives – for the real deal.

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2. Pumpkins

With autumn firmly settling among us – and Halloween just a couple of weeks away – be bang on trend this season with miniature pumpkin-shaped gifts as wedding souvenirs, which could be used as paper holders or, even, as an ingredient in mini-pies your guests can scoff on the way home (if they’re not already full!)

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3. Pure beeswax scented candles

Be kind to the planet and encourage your guests to turn off those lightbulbs with candles made out of 100 per cent beeswax. Infuse them with essential oils to recall the themes of your wedding – lavender, if it’s a spring affair, or a deeper eucalyptus or mint if your big day is taking place in the colder seasons.

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4. Garden seeds

Even if they cannot bloom now – and your guests don’t have a garden – seeds make for a beautiful wedding souvenir which packs a punch in the meaning department. Show how your love for each other (and for your family and friends) can grow with some tender, loving care with this symbolic gesture.

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5. Handmade soap

Soap may not immediately come to mind when you’re thinking of gifts which recall the bounty given to us by Mother Nature, but home-made soap is a far cry from the industrial, preservative-filled fare you may get in supermarkets. And, it is kinder to your body and the environment in the making too!

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6. Miniature flower arrangements

Who doesn’t love a bunch of flowers to decorate their homes? And, while they may not last long, a flower arrangement, given for every invite, is a fresh reminder of the health and vigour of your love – and a gesture to protect that which you hold dear in life.

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7. Olive oil bottles

Another Mediterranean – and Maltese – staple, olive oil, distilled and placed into miniature bottles, is another foodie gift which will be much appreciated for weeks after you’ve said your ‘I do’s’. And, to make this extra special, source your supplier carefully, making sure the product comes from this very island of ours.

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